Research Presentation FAQ

Why should I present my research at NCUWP?
This is a fantastic opportunity to practice communicating your scientific work in a supportive, low-stress environment.

Do I have to present research in order to attend NCUWP?
No, you are welcome to attend NCUWP even if you have never done physics research, or if you don't want to present your work.

How can I present my research at NCUWP?
Just like many scientific conferences, there are two possible formats: you can bring a poster for the poster session, or you can give a short talk.

What kinds of things can I present?
Any physics-related research that you have been involved in. This could be research you did with a professor at your university, the results of a summer research program such as an REU, a project you completed for one of your classes, or a senior thesis/capstone project.

Why do I have to submit a title and abstract?
This is standard practice for scientific conferences. In order to be given a presentation of poster session spot at a conference, you have to tell the conference organizers about the research you will be presenting. They will make sure it fits with the theme of the conference, and may reject some abstracts.

Am I guaranteed to be able to give a talk / poster?
No, it will depend on the available space.

When will I find out whether I get to present my research?
At the same time that you find out whether your application to the conference has been accepted.

Can I give a talk AND a poster?
Yes, if we have space.

What if I want to change my title or abstract later on?
We will confirm with you before printing the conference booklets, so if you want to correct a typo or make minor wording changes, you can do so at that time. If you want to make major changes, please send us your new title and abstract via our contact form.

When I registered, I said I didn't want to present my research. Now I've changed my mind. Is it too late?
As long as registration is still open, simply send us your title and abstract via our contact form. If registration is closed, we may not be able to accommodate you.

When I registered, I said I wanted to present my research. Now I've changed my mind. What should I do?
Contact us and let us know.

What will the poster session be like?
All the posters will be set up in a large room. During the two-hour poster session, conference participants will circulate around the room looking at the posters. If you are presenting a poster, you should spend at least half the session standing by your poster.

How do I get my poster printed?
Your college or university might have poster-printing facilities. You can also get posters printed at most copy & print stores.

How long should my talk be?
You will have ten minutes to talk, plus two minutes for questions. You will not be given any extra time; if in doubt, aim for a shorter presentation with more time for questions.

How many people will listen to my talk?
There will be four parallel sessions of student talks, so it won't be the entire conference.

I want to present my research, but I'm not sure how.
Please see our tips for writing an abstract, giving a talk, and making a poster. You can also find lots of good advice online. We encourage you to ask a professor or more experienced student at your university to mentor you through the process. NCUWP is a great opportunity for you to learn how to present research at a scientific conference!

More questions?
Please contact us and let us know how we can help.