Resources at USC's CUWP Page: a handy collection of resources that includes links to associations of women in physics, reports and statistics, undergraduate research opportunities, graduate school fellowships, the history of educational opportunities for women, books about careers in physics and women in physics, and professional advice about presenting research and going to graduate school.

Considering Alternative Options for Careers in Physics: text of talk given by Elsa Garmire at NCUWP 2008 at Yale.

Points of Derailment: The Making of a Female Physicist: article by NCUWP 2008 career panelist Betsy Pugel.

Beyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering: report of the National Academy of Sciences.

Advancing Women in Physics, Including You!: talk given by Dr. Beverly K. Hartline at NCUWP 2010.

My Challenges in Particle Physics: A talk given by Dr. Young-Kee Kim at CUWP 2010.

The following links are annotated bibliographies and powerpoints by Virginia Valian, a psychologist who studies gender schemas, describing sociology and psychology experiments relevant to how people view and evaluate women:

ADVANCE websites:

  • Cornell University - extensive list of resources
  • University of Washington Includes "Recruitment Toolkit" and "Retention Toolkit."
  • University of Michigan
  • Georgia Institute of Technology

We extend many thanks to Elsa Garmire, Meg Urry, Betsy Pugel, and the organizers of the 2011 USC CUWP conference for helping us gather resources.

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